Terms & Conditions

Studio Recitals
The rate for a typical studio recital is $75.00 per hour. For a teacher with ten to twenty students, this generally works out to $5.00 to $10.00 per student. For example, a teacher with fifteen students might need two hours for a recital, for a total of $150.00. That’s $10.00 per student. We charge in half-hour increments, so a one-and-a-half hour recital would cost $112.50. However, there is a one hour minimum. Performers and guests may begin arriving a half hour before the scheduled start-time of an event. There is no charge for this half-hour. So people can arrive at 6:30pm for a 7:00pm event, but billing doesn’t begin until 7:00pm. Billing continues until all guests have departed. If the performers finish at 8:00pm, but guests remain until 8:30pm to visit, charges continue until 8:30pm. So please allow for the time needed to socialize and take pictures when calculating your costs.
The rate for any rehearsals prior to a recital is also $75.00 per hour.
Adjacent to the recital hall is a large room with tables and chairs for a reception. There’s also a small kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave. Guests may bring refreshments back into the recital hall. We just ask that everyone is as careful as possible. No food or drink is allowed near the piano.
Individuals and Small Ensembles
Individuals and small groups looking for a space to perform receive a substantial discount from the normal hourly rate. For example, this would include individual students doing a Suzuki book recital, an ensemble looking to play for family and friends, or a professional group that intends on charging admission or asking for donations. This would also include students or professionals looking for a great acoustic recording environment. We want to provide an intimate, convenient and inexpensive space for all of these performers. The rate for this type of event is $60.00 per hour with a one hour minimum. The rate for any rehearsals prior to a performance is also $60.00 per hour. We welcome inquiries from all types of musicians and performers.  
In particular, we think we’re the perfect venue for the multitude of talented singer-songwriters in Austin in need of an alternative to the noisy bars and clubs. Our hall is a great listening room where your music is front and center.
Other Events
The two categories above describe the majority of events that will likely take place in our recital hall. However, we realize there are other types of events that may be well-suited for our space. Organizers of dance recitals, theatrical plays and art shows are welcome to contact us. The rate for this type of event will be similar to those listed above but may vary on a case by case basis.
Live-Streaming and Recording
Blackerby Violin Shop offers the unique ability to live-stream and record your event from our recital hall. This means family and friends anywhere in the world can watch your event live and later view the recording at their convenience. The live-stream and the recording are both easily accessed from our website, violinshop.com. We do not provide a hard copy, DVD or otherwise, of the event. Parents and other audience members may use
their own cameras to record the event. However, no live-streaming of the event is permitted. The rate for the live-stream service is an additional $60.00 per hour. For example, a one hour studio recital with live-stream would be $135.00. A one hour performance with live-stream and a half-our reception would be $172.50.
Reservations and Payment
Reservations can be made by contacting Al at reservations@stageandstudio.com. Please let us know how you would like the event listed on our calendar, or if you simply want the event listed as “Private Event.” Reservations are not confirmed until you receive an email verifying the date and time of your event. Please use our online calendar as a guide when making your plans. Please note that we only schedule relatively small events during regular business hours at Blackerby Violin Shop. Therefore, often the earliest start-time for a weekday event is 7:00pm; for a Saturday event, 6:00pm; and for Sunday, 1:00pm.
We do not require a deposit to make a reservation. However, if you must cancel after making a reservation, please do so as far in advance as possible out of consideration for others who may be looking to reserve time.