Blackerby Stage & Studio is a unique combination of performance space, recording environment and teaching academy.

Performance Space

Our hall is a spacious 1200 sq. ft. listening room with incredible acoustics, a grand piano and video/audio set-up to livestream events on the internet. Seating up to seventy-five guests, our concert hall is the perfect environment for recital, lectures or meetings. Ideal for individual performers and small or medium ensembles, our venue is a great alternative to the noisy bars and sterile hotel meeting rooms.

Recording Room

The same qualities that make our hall such a great live venue also make it a fine recording environment. A high ceiling and raised stage enhance that live performance ambiance and provide excellent acoustics for recording. While we are not a professional recording studio, we do provide an affordable alternative for musicians looking to capture great audio (and video).

Teaching Studios

Multiple teaching studios attached to our concert hall are staffed by trained teachers and professionals. Currently we are particularly well-staffed with professional string teachers. But we’re always interested in accommodating any music teacher who would prefer to teach outside their  home.